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Committee for Development Policy Secretariat

The CDP unit provides substantive and administrative support to the Committee for Development Policy—a group of independent experts—which advises the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on emerging developmental issues requiring the Council's attention. The Committee is also responsible for reviewing the status of least developed countries (LDCs) and for monitoring these countries' progress after graduation from the category. In addition, the unit takes on a number of specific tasks for providing inputs to the intergovernmental process, such as preparing reports on economic sanctions and development; monitoring of policies and actions towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), and providing analysis on economic issues in post-conflict countries.

Ana Luiza Cortez, Chief

Chief, Global Economic Monitoring Unit

Ana Luiza Cortez joined the United Nations through the national competitive examinations in 1983. Throughout her professional career at the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, she has held positions in the areas of development economics and macroeconomic policy analysis. Ms. Cortez has provided substantive services for intergovernmental processes including the Commission for Social Development, high-level meetings of ECOSOC with the World Bank, IMF, WTO, UNCTAD and the International Conference on Financing for Development, and has co-organized the multi-stakeholder consultations on finance for development on sovereign debt for sustained development (Monterrey process). She has contributed to several reports by the Secretary-General on a wide range of development issues and has worked on various DESA flagship publications such as the Report on the World Social Situation. Recently, she has played key roles in the overall coordination of the World Economic Situation and Prospects (2006) and the World Economic and Social Survey (2007). Ana Luiza Cortez holds an M.A. in Economics from Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil.

Ana Luiza Cortez
Chief, Committee for Development Policy Secretariat
United Nations Secretariat
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