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Realizing the MDGs through Socially Inclusive Macroeconomic Policies in Africa


Second Training Workshop
"Limpopo" The Farm Inn
Pretoria, 10–13 May 2010

Second training workshop was held during 10-13 May 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa, organized by UN-DESA/DPAD in collaboration with UNDP Country Office in South Africa.

The objectives of the workshop were to give participants from Senegal, South Africa and Uganda practical suggestions to create data sets to generate a baseline scenario using the MAMS modelling framework and to introduce them to different estimation methodologies that would enable them to complete their data sets, especially the MDG-related parameters and elasticities. Participants were further trained in hands-on use of the demo version of the MAMS modelling framework, using GAMS. This included running a baseline scenario and different simulations, under different macroeconomic closure rules. Sample results and their proper interpretation were discussed. They also received training on a microsimulation methodology for assessing the impact on poverty and distribution outcomes—both for the generated baseline scenario and MDG achievement scenarios. It was shown how this methodology is implemented running a demo version in STATA. Furthermore, practical tips were given for teams to prepare their own microeconomic data set to implement the methodology after the workshop.

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