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LDC Project: Selected Activities

Improving capacity for gathering and sharing information on international support measures

  • Survey of benefits offered by the international donor community, trading partners, and the WTO.
    Survey of LDCs' awareness and use of available benefits
  • Development of a toolkit offering an analytical review of potential and effective benefits associated with LDC status.
  • Development of a website providing information related to benefits associated with LDC status
  • Country case-studies on support used and constraints faced
  • Expert group meeting on lessons learnt and developing strategies to improve access and effective use of support measures
  • Technical assistance workshops to strengthen national and regional institutions in LDCs for the collection and dissemination of information on benefits associated with LDC status.

Capacity building for assessing the likely impact of graduation and support for the design of smooth transition strategies

  • Case studies on countries' experiences in preparing or planning to prepare for a smooth transition.
  • Design of a country-specific macroeconomic model framework for:
    • Assessing the benefits and the potential loss of benefits resulting from graduation as an input to the impact assessments,
    • Simulating the economy-wide effects of compensatory policy responses, and
    • Assessing the consistency of macroeconomic policies in response to the country's external vulnerability with long-term development objectives.

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