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Least Developed Countries:
Country resolutions and reports

Since 1971, the CDP has analysed the development progress of existing and prospective LDCs. This work has been mandated by the United Nations General Assembly and the Economic and Social Council. These bodies have adopted a variety of country specific resolutions, including on the inclusion of countries into the the list and on their possible graduation. These resolutions and reports can be found here.


    Country                                                        Inclusion

Afghanistan 1971
Afghanistan flag
Angola 1994
Angola flag
Bangladesh 1975
Bangladesh flag
Benin 1971
Benin flag
Bhutan 1971
Bhutan flag
Burkina Faso 1971
Burkina Faso flag
Burundi 1971
Burundi flag
Cambodia 1991
Cambodia flag
Central African Republic 1975
Central African Republic flag
Chad 1971
Chad flag
Comoros 1977
Comoros flag
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1991
Democratic Republic of the Congo flag
Djibouti 1982
Djibouti flag
Equatorial Guinea 1982
Equatorial Guinea flag
Eritrea 1994
Eritrea flag
Ethiopia 1971
Ethiopia flag
Gambia 1975
Gambia flag
Guinea 1971
Guinea flag
Guinea-Bissau 1981
Guinea-Bissau flag
Haiti 1971
Haiti flag
Kiribati 1986
Kiribati flag
Lao People's Democratic Republic 1971
Lao People's Democratic Republic flag
Lesotho 1971
Lesotho flag
Liberia 1990
Liberia flag
Madagascar 1991
Madagascar flag
Malawi 1971
Malawi flag
Mali 1971
Mali flag
Mauritania 1986
Mauritania flag
Mozambique 1988
Mozambique flag
Myanmar 1987
Myanmar flag
Nepal 1971
Nepal flag
Niger 1971
Niger flag
Rwanda 1971
Rwanda flag
Sao Tome and Principe 1982
Sao Tome and Principe flag
Senegal 2000
Senegal flag
Sierra Leone 1982
Sierra Leone flag
Solomon Islands 1991
Solomon Islands flag
Somalia 1971
Somalia flag
South Sudan 2012
South Sudan flag
Sudan 1971
Sudan flag
Timor-Leste 2003
Timor Leste flag
Togo 1982
Togo flag
Uganda 1971
Uganda flag
United Republic of Tanzania 1971
United Republic of Tanzania flag
Vanuatu 1985
Vanuatu flag
Yemen 1971
Yemen flag
Zambia 1991
Zambia flag