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Least Developed Countries: LDC Factsheets

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Location of Samoa on world map

Country LDC Information:

Date of inclusion on the LDC list: 1971

Scheduled for Graduation: 2014

Identified for Graduation: 1997, 2003, 2006

Meeting graduation criteria:

See ECOSOC resolution E/2007/35 on the graduation of Samoa. In accordance with General Assembly resolution A/RES/59/209, and A/RES/62/97 Samoa was scheduled to graduate from the list in December 2010 but the General Assembly extended the transition period by a period of three years, until 1 January 2014, due to the disruption caused to Samoa by the Pacific Ocean tsunami of 29 September 2009 (A/RES/64/295).

Country Data 2009 Review:

EVI 64.3
HAI 92.2
GNI per capita ($) 2240

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