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The Committee for Development Policy

Committee for Development Policy News

CDP briefing on LDC graduation and support measures

On 17 January 2017, the United Nations Committee for Development Policy (CDP) hosted a briefing on LDC graduation and support measures at United Nations Headquarters in Conference room 11. The briefing provided information about current and future activities in which the CDP Secretariat is engaged.

Daniel Gay, Inter-regional Adviser, and Namsuk Kim, Economic Affairs Officer, presented the current progress of the implementation of a multi-year pilot project in Bhutan, Nepal and Uganda to assist in mitigating the impact of graduation from the LDC category.  Using these pilot countries, the CDP Secretariat is building a web platform which will help countries understand graduation and develop beyond the graduation stage. The platform will determine the various steps necessary in order to graduate smoothly, including the phasing out of international support measures, and to incorporate the strategy into its development planning.

The redesigned and updated LDC Support Measures Portal was also presented. The updated features of the new website include improved stability of the web platform, optimized information and consolidated menu items, among other things.

Committee for Development Policy Expert Group Meetings

Between 30 November and 2 December, the CDP Secretariat is organizing two expert group meetings (EGM) in Geneva. The first, on 30 November and 1 December, will discuss lessons learned by selected LDCs and developing countries in building their productive capacities for sustainable development.

The second, on 2 December, will solicit feedback on the LDC graduation diagnostic toolkit, establishing possible partnerships and identifying data sources

Launch of the ePing system

The ePing system, an SPS and TBT notification alert system developed by UN DESA in cooperation with the WTO and ITC, is officially launched on 8 November 2016 at the WTO, by UN Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development in UN DESA Lenni Montiel, WTO Deputy Director General Karl Brauner and the Executive Director of ITC Arancha González.

During 24-27 October, the UN expert team, comprising the CDP unit of DESA/DPAD, UNDP, UNCTAD and OHRLLS, conducted a joint mission in Luanda, Angola, to support the Government of Angola on the graduation from the LDC category. The UN team held consultation meetings of with various stakeholders and partners on drafting the National Roadmap for the LDC Transition Strategy towards Graduation. On 27 October, a high level workshop, "Angola's Graduation from the Category of the LDCs: Challenges and Opportunities", was held with over 300 participants in order to identify the main steps until February 2021.

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Capacity Development Workshop and LDC Graduation, Beijing, China,
10-12 November

New York, 1 November – Government policymakers from 16 least developed countries (LDCs) and one graduate, Samoa, will gather in Beijing, China, from 10-12 November to discuss strategies needed to successfully graduate from LDC status and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About the Committee for Development Policy

The Committee for Development Policy (CDP) is a subsidiary body of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. CDP provides inputs and independent advice to the Council on emerging cross-sectoral development issues and on international cooperation for development, focusing on medium- and long-term aspects. The Committee is also responsible for reviewing the status of least developed countries (LDCs) and for monitoring their progress after graduation from the category.

The 24 members of the Committee are nominated by the United Nations Secretary-General in their personal capacity, and are appointed by the Council for a period of three years. Membership is geared to reflect a wide range of development experience as well as geographical and gender balance.

Interview with chair of the CDP, Prof. Jose Antonio Ocampo



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