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Capacity Development and Advisory Services

UN-DESA • UNDP Philippines • National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) • Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS)

Inception workshop
Manila, Philippines
2-3 October 2012

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DPAD launched a capacity development project in the Philippines by organizing an inception workshop in Manila, Philippines on 2-3 October 2012. During the workshop, DPAD's technical team discussed the objectives of the project with Government officials and described the integrated macro-micro modelling framework to workshop participants. The workshop was attended by a group of more than 20 participants representing different institutions of the Philippines Government.

The following objectives were achieved during the workshop:

  • Presented and discussed the key policy questions to be addressed through the capacity building activities.
  • Explained and confirmed agreement on the institutional arrangements under which capacity building activities will be undertaken.
  • Described the integrated macro and micro modelling framework and the type of policy questions that these tools are useful to address.
  • Present results of recently completed projects on MDG financing strategies and real-time simulation results as an introduction to the application of the modelling framework.
  • Took stock of data availability and agreed on future data collection.
  • Agreed on a timeline for subsequent activities.

The workshop is part of the project "Strengthening Macroeconomic and Social Policy Coherence through Integrated Macro-Micro Modelling", implemented in close collaboration with the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS). The activities of the project aim at enhancing capacities of policy makers to conduct development policy analyses, including the assessment of strategies to achieve the MDGs and the effects of economic crises on the achievement of these goals.

The capacity development activities are build on the accumulated work of previous projects implemented by UN-DESA in the Philippines, including the project "Realizing the Millennium Development Goals through socially inclusive macroeconomic policies" implemented during 2006-2011.

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