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Macroeconomic Advisory Capacity (MAC)

UN-DESA • Bangladesh Bank

National Seminar
Dhaka, Bangladesh
31 May 2012

Dr. A tiur Rahman, Governor, Bangladesh Bank and Dr. Rob Vos, Director, UNDESA, in discussion with participants.

UNDESA, in partnership with Bangladesh Bank, organized a national workshop on "Strengthening Analytical Capacity for Macroeconomic, Environmental and Social Policy Coherence" in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 31 May 2012. The purpose of the workshop was to provide a comprehensive presentation on DESA's modelling work to officials of the central bank, Ministry of Finance, Planning Commission, academia and think-tanks in Bangladesh, as well as determine the needs of the Government of Bangladesh to strengthen the analytical capacity of various stakeholders for macroeconomic, environmental and social policy coherence.

In his presentation "Strengthening Analytical Capacity for Macroeconomic, Environmental and Social Policy Coherence", Dr. Rob P. Vos presented an overview of UNDESA's capacity development activities, which included the design of coherent macroeconomic, social and environmental policies and strategies; enabling LDCs make the most adequate use of benefits derived from the LDC category; reducing vulnerability to volatility in the global economy; and training in the use of the tools for modeling tailored to country-specific needs. Participants were also briefed on issues related to the economy-wide modeling for low-carbon growth strategies and key policy concerns such as financing human and sustainable development.

Dhaka Workshop