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Capacity Development and Advisory Services


Inception workshop
Amman, Jordan
28-29 March 2012

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DPAD/UN-DESA conducted an inception workshop on “Strengthening Macroeconomic and Social Policy Coherence through Integrated Macro-Micro Modelling” on 28-29 March 2012 in Amman, Jordan. The workshop is a result of collaborative effort between DPAD, the Government of Jordan and UN-ESCWA.

The workshop aimed at introducing to the participants the objectives of the project and at making initial organizational arrangements. It was attended by 21 participants, most of them representing different institutions of Jordan’s Government.  During the workshop it was officially announced the formation of the technical unit of experts that will be trained throughout the project. The unit will function under the leadership of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC) and will be comprised of experts from the Department of Statics, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Jordan and the UNDP Country Office in Jordan.

At a meeting with the Country Director of UNDP in Jordan, it was agreed that various analyses produced by the technical unit could eventually provide inputs for the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) that will be elaborated as a collaborative effort between UNDP Jordan and MoPIC, or concrete ideas for follow-up policy actions. 

In addition, during the workshop DPAD:

  1. Presented and discussed the key policy questions to be addressed through the capacity building activities.
  2. Described the integrated macro and micro modelling framework.
  3. Presented results of recently completed projects on MDG financing strategies and real-time simulation results as an introduction to the application of the modelling framework.
  4. Took stock of data availability and agreed on future data collection.

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