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Macroeconomic Advisory Capacity (MAC)

The Workshop on “Growth with Equity”
Dhaka, Bangladesh
8-9 August 2012

UN-DESA/DPAD attended the ILO/IILS Workshop as a resource person and co-organizer. The International Institute for Labour Studies launched a new publication series entitled “Studies on Growth with Equity” to examine the complementarities between equity and growth policies. This first draft of the study on Bangladesh was prepared in collaboration with inputs from UN-DESA/DPAD, which is collaborating with ILO/IILS on two country studies on growth with equity. UN-DESA/DPAD provided substantive inputs to the first draft of the Bangladesh study. IILS organized the workshop in Dhaka to share preliminary findings of the study with stakeholders, particularly with the government and private sector representatives.

August 2012