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Macroeconomic policy, external shocks and social protection

Políticas Macroeconómicas, Choques Externos y Protección Social
en Bolivia

The study provides a detailed description of the analytical framework and concrete policy recommendations which may enable the Bolivian Government to make strategic decisions regarding the implementation of policies that can effectively offset adverse effects of external shocks.

Publication of this study was sponsored by the Unidad de Análisis de Políticas Sociales y Económicas, the technical think tank of the Plurinational State of Bolivia's Government.

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The book "Financing Human Development in Africa, Asia and the Middle East" is forthcoming in the fourthquarter of 2012.

The book's quantitative assessments, conclusions drawn, and policy recommendation are prepared based on the country studies of the project "Realizing the Millennium Development Goals through socially inclusive macroeconomic policies".