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Capacity Development and Advisory Services

Macroeconomic Advisory Capacity (MAC)

UN Photo/Gill Fickling: Rice farmers at Work, BhutanThe new initiative on Macroeconomic Advisory Capacity (MAC) was launched in response to demands from Member States seeking alternative advice or a "second opinion" on fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policies. In the years preceding the current economic crisis
UN-DESA consistently underscored the need for alternative macroeconomic policies for developing countries, including counter-cyclical fiscal measures and greater regulation of capital flows, in order to generate growth and sustainable development. As the Division's analytical work on developmental macroeconomics gained greater recognition in policy circles many developing countries began to see UN-DESA as a credible source of alternative macroeconomic policy advice, not only to recover from the current economic downturn, but also to stimulate sustainable and equitable growth. Against this backdrop, UN-DESA launched the MAC initiative to operationalize its analytical work on fiscal and monetary policy issues at the country level and strengthen the capacities of national policy-makers to design and implement development-oriented macroeconomic policies.

Supporting Finance and Planning Authorities to formulate and implement macroeconomic policies (2011-2013)

  • Objectives
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The initiative seeks to:
  • Provide policy advice to participating Member States on how to implement counter-cyclical fiscal policies and broaden the scope of monetary policies in order to steer recovery and generate employment and sustainable growth
  • Strengthen the capacities of fiscal and monetary authorities in participating Member States to design, implement and evaluate development-oriented macroeconomic policies in order to generate sustainable growth and employment and build resilience against shocks
  • Develop and disseminate country case studies, practical handbooks, and other knowledge products in order to enhance understanding and application of alternative macroeconomic policies

During its first year of operation, MAC will provide macroeconomic policy advice and capacity development support on a sustained basis to:


The MAC initiative engages various Government partners to deliver alternative macroeconomic policy advice, including:

The initiative also operates in collaboration with UNDP-Regional Bureau for Africa, UNCTAD and other UN agencies.

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