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Strengthening Macroeconomic and Social Policy Coherence through Integrated Macro-Micro Modelling (2011-2013)

UN-DESA • MHCP – UNDP Nicaragua

First training workshop
Managua, Nicaragua
20-22 July 2011

Nicaragua Training WorkshopThe first training workshop was held on 20-22 July, 2011 in Managua, through a collaborative organizational effort by DPAD/UN-DESA, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (MHCP) and the UNDP Country Office in Nicaragua.

During the workshop DPAD:

  • gave a brief overview of the objectives and key policy questions to be addressed through the project; explained the institutional arrangements, and agreed on a timeline;
  • described the theoretical foundations of the macro-micro modeling framework;
  • engaged participants in a practical exercise on how to balance a social accounting matrix;
  • presented to and discussed with participants results of recently completed studies on the impact of the global financial crisis on the MDGs in Latin America as well as a previous application of the macro-micro modeling methodology for Nicaragua, which served as an introduction to the application of the methodology and its potential uses for policy scenario analysis;
  • coordinated the future collaboration between MHCP, other government agencies and UNDP’s Nicaragua Office for the execution of the project.

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Macro-Micro Modelling
Managua Training Workshop