About OESC

Director - Mr. Navid Hanif

The Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination provides substantive support and promotes consensus in the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the General Assembly.

A main responsibility of the Office is to support ECOSOC's Annual Ministerial Review and Development Cooperation Forum to ensure a comprehensive, qualitative review of progress in implementing the MDGs. Global preparatory meetings, regional consultations and national reviews are essential elements to this process to ensure a substantive ministerial-level review and a quality, action-oriented dialogue on development cooperation issues.

Preparing for the GA 2010 High-Level Plenary Meeting on the MDGs and its follow-up will be a major task in the years ahead.

The Office advises on strengthening the interaction between ECOSOC and the Peacebuilding Commission in order to contribute to a coordinated, coherent and integrated approach to post-conflict peace-building.

The Office supports General Assembly's comprehensive policy review of UN system's operational activities. Consultations and expert meetings are part of this process to evaluate specific aspects of operational activities - such as the UN Development Assistance Frameworks, UN funding mechanisms, and statistical reporting on UN system operational activities- and gather new data and analysis.

The Office provides qualitative research and analysis to the General Assembly on issues of globalization and development, and human resources development, in order to advance a substantive, action-oriented dialogue on these issues.

The Office actively engages UN agencies and civil society in charting common courses of action. One of the priorities of OESC will remain the effective servicing of the Committee on NGOs. OESC supports an ever increasing number of NGOs applying for ECOSOC status and will continue to make strong efforts, through the establishment and widespread use of the Paperless Committee System and the Integrated Civil Society Organizations System, to facilitate these requests for review by the Committee.