Second meeting of the Open-Ended Intergovernmental Ad Hoc Expert Group on Forest Financing (AHEG2)

Second meeting of the Open-Ended Intergovernmental Ad Hoc Expert Group on Forest Financing (AHEG2), 14-18 January, Vienna

In October 2009, the Special Session of the ninth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) adopted the Resolution on Means of Implementation for Sustainable Forest Management. This Resolution provided a specific mandate and designed a strategic road map to address forest finance within UNFF. Member States also agreed that the tenth session of UNFF should make decision on forest financing.

The Resolution established the Open-ended Intergovernmental Ad Hoc Expert Group on Forest Financing (AHEG) to make proposals on strategies to mobilize resources from all sources to support the implementation of sustainable forest management, the achievement of the global objectives on forests and the implementation of the non-legally binding instrument on all types of forests (forest instrument), including, inter alia, strengthening and improving access to funds and establishing a voluntary global forest fund. 

The Resolution also established a Facilitative Process. According to this Resolution, the AHEG should hold two meetings, one before the ninth session and one before the tenth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests. The Expert Group should submit a preliminary report at the ninth session and final recommendations at the tenth session for the Forum’s consideration and decision. 

Based on the outcome of AHEG1 which was held in September 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya, UNFF9 adopted in its Resolution on Forests for People adopted in February 2011. Resolution of the UNFF9 called for intensive intersessional activities on forest finance. A wide spectrum of inputs on forest financing was requested from governments, CPF members, regional processes and major groups, in preparation for AHEG2 and UNFF10. 

Member States are also expected to develop and implement national forest policy and policy instruments on all types of forests and trees outside forests, and to report their progress, experiences and lessons to AHEG2. 

The main inputs to AHEG2 include the 2012 study on Forest Financing by the Advisory Group on Finance of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (AGF/CPF), reports of the Facilitative Process Workshops on Forest Financing in LFCCs/SIDS, and Afrcia/LDCs, compilation of substantive submissions on forest financing by countries, as well as other relevant inputs.

The outcome of AHEG2 is a critical component for a decision on forest financing in UNFF10 in April 2013 in Istanbul-Turkey, and also for the decision on the future of the international arrangement on forests in UNFF11 in 2015. 

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