Mortality crises to be addressed

Expert Group Meeting on Mortality Crises: Conflicts, Violence, Famine, Natural Disasters and the Growing Burden of Non-communicable Diseases will take place in New York on 14-15 November

DESA’s Population Division is organizing the meeting with the main objective to review the state of the art in regard to evidence and understanding of crises that cause significant rises in mortality levels and to initiate a discussion on how current knowledge on this issue can inform the preparation of the UN mortality estimates.

The meeting will also consider trends in mortality from non-communicable diseases with the objective of informing assumptions about future mortality trends. The meeting will consider the following topics:

(a) mortality crises associated with violence, including both outright armed conflict and low-level endemic violence;

(b) mortality crises caused by natural disasters, including tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes as well as those caused by famines, and

(c) the growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), especially when those diseases cause excessive premature mortality or when the burden of NCDs coexists with a sizable burden from communicable diseases.

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