Exchanging information on civil registration and vital statistics

Conference of African Ministers Responsible for Civil Registration will be held from 13-14 August in Addis Ababa

The Conference will be preceded by a preparatory meeting of experts from 9-11 August. The theme of the Conference is “Towards Improved Civil Status Information for Efficient Public Administration and Generation of Statistics for National Development and MDG Monitoring in Africa”.

The Conference is expected to achieve: the creation of a high-level regional platform for exchanging information on civil registration and vital statistics; enhanced awareness and commitment of African governments in the development of these systems; and endorsing resolutions and recommendations that would lead and govern African civil registration and vital statistics systems for the coming years.

DESA’s Statistics Division will participate on several levels; the Director will deliver a keynote address at the Conference and resource persons will support the ECA in substantive issues and by delivering key presentations on international standards for developing civil registration and vital statistics systems at both the preparatory meeting and the Conference.

For more information: http://unstats.un.org/unsd/newsletter/globalstat_unsd_calendar.htm

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