Citizens and public service delivery

Workshop on Engaging Citizens in Development Management and Public Governance for the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals will be held in Barcelona from 21-23 June

The workshop will explore policies, strategies, best practices and tools to promote the engagement of citizens in development management and public governance for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The goal of the workshop is to enhance the knowledge and build shared understanding among participants on how citizens can be engaged in different stages of strategy and policy making, and in public service delivery, with a view of promoting efficient and transparent public management and inclusive social and economic development.

The workshop will provide presentations by key experts from different regions of the world followed by open discussions with all participants, as well as group discussions on innovative approaches, methodologies and tools, including the use of ICT-tools, in citizens’ engagement. Key findings of the workshop deliberations will be reflected in a set of recommendations.

The workshop will also lead to innovative networking among participants and the participants will contribute to the online knowledge base on public administration and citizens’ engagement developed by the DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM). The workshop is held in connection with the comprehensive three-day United Nations Public Service Day Awards Ceremony and Forum 2010 and co-organized with the host of the event, Government of Catalonia, Spain.

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Inclusive and Accessible Society and Development

Expert Group Meeting on Accessibility will be held at World Bank Headquarters, Washington, DC, from 28-30 June

The meeting, co-organized by DESA and the World Bank, will bring together experts with experience in various areas of accessibility as related to persons with disabilities, including the built-environment, transportation, facilities and services and information and communications technology. The expert group will have for its review a technical monograph on accessibility and other relevant documents as background documents.

The meeting is expected to review current policies and good practices, as well as existing national and international standards and practices on accessibility. The experts will make a set of recommendations for policies to advance and support the efforts of countries to implement internationally agreed development goals, such as MDGs.

The findings and recommendations of the meeting will provide a basis for the on-going discussion for Governments, development organizations, agencies and all other relevant stakeholders.

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