Improving environment statistics

Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators will be held in Geneva from 3-4 May, jointly organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and DESA’s Statistics Division

The Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators has been established to foster collaboration of national statistical offices and environmental ministries and agencies in the improvement of environment statistics. The meeting will review the Guidelines on the Application of Environmental Indicators in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

The meeting will discuss the indicators revised on the basis of the conclusions of the first meeting and will consider further indicators for revision based on countries’ experience with their application. It will also look into the possibility to include new indicators to fill in gaps in the coverage of some of the priority subject areas.

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Third Parliamentary Forum on Shaping the Information Society

The forum will discuss ICT and the Global Economic Crisis: Current Situation and Future Perspectives in Geneva from 3-5 May

The event, co-organized by DESA, IPU and ITU through the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament will focus on key issues relevant to the crisis recovery such as the investments in high-speed Internet networks, e-government and competitiveness and social and economic costs of cybercrime. It will also discuss liberalization of telecommunication and ICT markets and promoting competition and national responses to regulation challenges.

The outcome is expected to support the Parliamentary Forum to better delineate the political role and responsibilities of parliaments in their legislative and oversight functions on the above issues, to identify good parliamentary practices and to draw recommendations for action by legislatures.

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Improving collection and dissemination of statistical data

Conference on Data Quality for International Organizations will be held in Helsinki from 6-7 May

The Conference will be held immediately after the Q2010 European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics (Helsinki, 4-6 May 2010) under the auspices of the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA). Eurostat and DESA’s Statistics Division are organizing this fourth CCSA conference dedicated entirely to quality issues, which will be hosted by Statistics Finland.

The purpose of the conference is to provide statistical experts from international or supra-national organizations with a forum to discuss specific data quality issues related to their work and exchange experiences regarding the various quality mechanisms developed for improving the collection and dissemination of data.

The main focus of this year’s conference will be on how international support for the development of national quality assurance frameworks can be provided, therefore, the discussions will also reflect upon the programme review on National Quality Assurance Frameworks carried out by Statistics Canada for the forty-first session of the Statistical Commission (see document E/CN.3/2010/2).

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