Teaming up in e-government

European Union’s 5th Ministerial Meeting on e-Government was held in Malmo, Sweden from 19-20 November

The Director of DESA’s Division for Public Administration & Development Management participated in a panel on global teamwork in e-government as part of the Ministerial Meeting. Ms. Qian was joined on the panel by representatives from the European Commission, OECD, the World Bank, and IBM.

DESA’s message to participants, which was conveyed in a prepared statement, was that European interests do not stop at the EU border and collaboration should not stop there either. The Information Society is the future society and global e-government collaboration presents a tremendous opportunity for visionary leaders.

Global cooperation in e-government, as in other areas of public interest, is both possible and desirable in all areas covered by the UN development agenda – indeed in all areas where international cooperation is already taking place. The simplest way to organize global teamwork would be through existing institutions such as the United Nations.

The world is not lacking for cooperation mechanisms. It is only lacking resolve. In the global arena, that resolve usually begins with a UN General Assembly resolution, and EU Member States should begin by sponsoring one.

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