Building on Monterrey and Doha to achieve the MDGs

Special High-level Meeting of ECOSOC with the Bretton Woods institutions (BWI), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) was held on 18-19 March in New York

In accordance with ECOSOC resolution 2009/30, this year’s meeting was held 5 weeks before the BWI Spring Meetings in April, in contrast to previous years, when ECOSOC meetings were usually held immediately following those of the BWIs. The historically one-day meeting was also extended to two days this year and organized using innovative modalities in the form of three informal interactive debates.

Following presentations on behalf of the heads of the intergovernmental bodies of the relevant institutions (Development Committee, IMFC, Trade and Development Board and WTO), each debate sought to promote, through strict time management, an open and constructive exchange of views and experiences among various stakeholders of the FfD process.

Despite the changed timing, an unprecedented number of 26 Executive Directors, Alternates and Advisors from the World Bank and IMF participated actively in the discussions and expressed commitment to promoting closer relations between their organizations and ECOSOC.

The Dean of the Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank extended an invitation to the President of ECOSOC to present the results of this meeting to the Development Committee of the BWIs next April, which was accepted by the President. This is an important step towards increasing relevance and visibility of ECOSOC as well as enhancing UN-BWI cooperation at the intergovernmental level. It was also emphasized that a regular ongoing dialogue between the BWIs and ECOSOC was needed.

The overall theme of the meeting was “Building on Monterrey and Doha: achieving the internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals”. The three interactive thematic debates focused on: 1) “Mobilizing domestic and international resources to fund existing and emerging MDG implementation gaps”; 2) “Supporting rehabilitation, recovery and development efforts of developing countries with special needs and those facing humanitarian emergency situations”; and 3) “Enhancing coherence and consistency of the international monetary, financial and trading systems in support of development”. Each debate featured two senior staff of the World Bank, UNCTAD and DESA presenting preview of their respective flagship publications, followed by an interactive discussion.

The main substantive points of the discussion were summarized by the President of ECOSOC in his concluding remarks. The President’s summary will be issued at later date and will be available at the same website.

More information on the Special High-level Meeting

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