Best practice on data dissemination

From 20-22 June, the Philippines will host a workshop dedicated to data dissemination and communication.

The workshop, part of a global series on the topic, has been organized under the broader umbrella of United Nations Development Account projects. This 3-days event will include discussions surrounding emerging trends overall, emerging trends in data exchange and data hubbing, strategies for web-based data dissemination, integrating statistical and geospatial information, the challenges associated with promoting data dissemination and lastly, emerging user needs and requirements.

The workshop will provide a forum for sharing national practices and experiences, provide a basis for assessing existing strategies and technologies used by national statistical offices and review innovative approaches and technological tools used to disseminate data.

Best practice shared through the course of the workshop, alongside ideas and recommendations generated through discussions will contribute towards the drafting of a technical report and/or the creation of a knowledge base on the United Nations Statistics Division’s website.

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