Open government and citizen engagement

A workshop on “Future Government: A Global Perspective in Connection to Open Government and Citizen engagement”, will take place in Geneva on 16-17 May 2012.

This international workshop will serve as an enabling platform of WSIS, for an international and multidisciplinary (public officials, academia, civil society and private sector stakeholders) group of experts, and national practitioners, to share their experiences and exchange practices on open government data and citizen engagement.

The Workshop has the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the participants’ capacity in policy and program formulation, implementation and evaluation of open government data initiatives;
  • Understand the value created for governments, citizens, civil society, and the business community, by opening government data;
  • Share open government initiatives based on experiences of early adopters and also identify challenges, especially in the area of data security and privacy;
  • Accelerate participants’ learning on implementation of legislation concerning access to government data and personal data privacy;

The main output of the workshop will be an Open Government Data (OGD) Toolkit which will serve as the entry point for those UN Member States who plan to share data with their constituents. The toolkit will include strategies for opening government data, templates that governments can customize for their own needs, technologies for opening data, recommendations about the data hosting applications and platforms.

The event, organised by The Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) of UN DESA, in cooperation with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), will take place during the 2012 annual follow-up meetings of the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS). 

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