Analyzing population and housing census data

The Kenya Seminar on Census Data Analysis is scheduled to be held on 19-22 March in Nairobi, Kenya

National Population and Housing Census Underway in Sudan (UN Photo/Tim McKulka)The main objective of the national seminar is to provide an opportunity for the staff members of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics to further analyze data from the 2009 population and housing census of Kenya on selected topics. The ultimate objective is to promote greater analysis and dissemination of the data collected from the Kenya 2009 census. After the seminar, participants are expected to produce thematic analytical reports, based on analysis generated during the seminar.

The national seminar will cover the following topics:

  • population projections at sub-national and sectoral level,
  • analysis of data on international migration, and
  • analysis of data on gender issues.

For more information:
2010 World Population and Housing Census Programme

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