Assessing revised standard classifications

Meeting of the Expert Group on International Economic and Social Classifications to be held in New York on 18-20 May

The Expert Group will discuss a variety of topics, including a review of the International Family of Classifications and criteria for the development of international classifications, the assessment of the implementation of newly revised standard classifications, as well as ways to improve communication with users of classifications. It will also review newly developed or revised classifications, their linkages with other standard classifications and evaluate the need for revision of a number of classifications, including the Classification by Broad Economic Categories (BEC), the Standard International Energy Product Classification (SIEC) and the Central Product Classification (CPC). The Expert Group is also expected to discuss necessary updates to its mandate to allow it to react appropriately to new demand in the area of classifications work.

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Knowledge-sharing on census data use and dissemination in Latin American countries

Regional Seminar on Census Data Dissemination and Spatial Analysis for Latin American Countries arranged in Santiago, Chile on 31 May – 3 June

The Regional Seminar, which is being organized by DESA’s Statistics Division in collaboration with the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), will provide a forum for sharing national practices and experiences in the dissemination and use of census data. The Seminar will aid in taking stock of national capacities and challenges for meeting the increasing requirements of census data users as well as review emerging trends, innovative approaches and technological tools employed in the dissemination of census data. Furthermore, the Seminar is expected to help in identifying good practices and lessons learned in the dissemination and analysis of census data.

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