Promoting professionalism in Africa’s public service

Workshop on “Promoting Professionalism in the Public Service: Strengthening the Role of Human Resource Managers in the Public Sector for the implementation of the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Public Service and the Administration” will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 14-18 March

The capacity building workshop will be organized by DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management, in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the Ministry of Civil Service of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

This is a follow-up to the two previous capacity building workshops on human resource management in the public sector in Africa that were organized by the Division.  The Africa Public Sector Human Resource Managers’ Network (APS-HRMnet) was launched during the first workshop on “Capacity Building for Human Resource Development Policy and Strategy in the Public Service in Africa”, which was held at Arusha, Tanzania, from 23 to 27 February 2009.

The second workshop on “Strengthening Human Resource Capacities for the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and Africa’s Development” was held in Cotonou, Republic of Benin from 12 to 16 April 2010 followed by an Expert Group Meeting on “Human Resource Management Policy in the Public Sector in Africa” held in Durban, South Africa, from 15-19 November 2010.

The main objective of the current workshop is to contribute to the development of capacity for professionalism in Africa’s public services and more specifically to: (a) provide a platform for African Ministers responsible for public service, human resource managers in the public sector, and experts in human resource management, to discuss how professionalism can be promoted and sustained in the public service on the continent. (b) bring to the attention of human resource managers the challenges and obstacles in the implementation of the “African Charter on the Values and Principles of Public Service and the Administration”; and (c) discuss strategies for the domestication of the key provisions of the Charter in the codes, standards and regulations at the national level in order to promote professionalism in the public service.

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