Regional knowledge networks project

DESA’s Office for ECOSOC Support and Coordination (OESC) will commence implementation of the Development Account project “Strengthening Regional Knowledge Networks to Promote the Effective Implementation of the United Nations Development Agenda and to Assess Progress”

The project aims to contribute strengthening the capacity of government officials/experts responsible for the formulation of national development strategies (NDS) and to increase knowledge sharing among policy-makers, development experts, and DESA divisions on development strategies that work. The project highlights the importance of coordinating efforts of DESA divisions in supporting NDS and making available the knowledge generated by the Department to policy makers.

The project will be implemented with similar projects managed by other DESA divisions that support NDS. With this in view, representatives of those projects will participate in the Steering Committee that will guide the implementation of the Regional Knowledge Networks (RKNs). The RKNs will be established in conjunction with four Regional Commissions that will be the main partners in executing the project.

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