Statistics and Monitoring


The global policy challenges brought upon by the food, financial and energy crises and global environmental problems highlight the importance of having timely, consistent and relevant data at all levels. The statisticians’ work has become far more important than ever before: to produce high quality and globally comparable statistical information that requires increased collaborative efforts in methodological development, capacity building and international cooperation.

DESA’s Statistics Division is working with international organizations and countries to identify and remedy data gaps as the unprecedented turmoil caused by the global economic and financial crisis warrants swift and co-ordinated statistical initiatives in the immediate future.

The division is engaged in methodological development in a number of areas.

  • The methodology of generating high quality rapid estimates of economic performance, their international comparability, and the communication strategy of such estimates;
  • Technical implications on System of National Accounts (SNA) compilation, arising from recent government interventions around the world;
  • The need to develop additional indicators on the performance of the economy and the financial markets for effective monitoring.