The impact of the financial and economic crisis on the world’s poor is a major concern of the Department. Coverage of this impact in news and media is essential to drawing the attention of the world community.

Financial crisis to deepen extreme poverty, increase child mortality rates

A recent UN Report prepared by the Education for All Global Monitoring Report (GMR) team of UNESCO, aimed at analyzing the consequences of the current financial and economic crises for international cooperation, education, the sciences, culture, communication and information, highlights the prospect of an increase of between 200,000 and 400,000 in infant mortality and that child malnutrition, already rising, will be one of the main drivers of higher child death rates.

Global financial crisis may pose greater risks for migrants

The high-level regional meeting on migration and HIV noted that the crisis will result in more overseas migrants returning home after losing their jobs. It will also result in those recently laid off at home moving overseas in search of work. This will lead to a situation in which migrants may face increasingly difficult conditions with fewer employment opportunities, and may encounter greater discrimination and stigmatization. It can also lead to more undocumented migrants and unsafe migration, as well as make migrants more vulnerable to HIV infection.

The following links provide further information on the social impact of the financial and economic crisis with other international organizations: