Global economic data


DESA’s Development Policy and Analysis Division compiles and generates a wide range of analytical and policy data:

Global Economic Outlook data

The data series here spans the time period of 2000-2008, based on official national sources and on forecasts generated within Project LINK. Series at the regional level include trade in goods in values and volumes, as well as GDP growth and CPI-inflation. At the country level, GDP growth and CPI-inflation are available.

LDC data

Data is compiled from a variety of different sources, including different United Nations entities, the World Bank, WHO and IMF. Data series are given at the country level and include GNI per capita, Human Assets Indices and Economic Vulnerability Indices.

WESP annex tables

The tables here provide a complete set of historical and forecast data as given in the annex of the most recent edition of the World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) for download in Excel format. Data series at the regional and country level include GDP growth, CPI-inflation, unemployment, selected financial indicators, as well as trade and financial flows, among others.