Cooperation and coordination


Building on the integrated framework of the forest instrument to implement SFM, the Forum at its eighth session adopted new means to strengthen collaboration and co-ordination on issues relevant to forests and the global crises. Among these, the Forum tasked its Secretariat to
explore a format and opportunities for collaboration and co-operation and to develop targeted joint activities related to SFM, the four global objectives on forests and the forest instrument, including in the context of developments in the UNCCD, CBD, UNFCCC.

The Forum also invited the Collaborative Partnership on Forests to:

  • provide information on recent developments in the areas of SFM, climate change, deforestation, land degradation, desertification and biodiversity, including impacts on indigenous and other local and forest-dependent communities;
  • continue to provide science-based information relevant to the themes of future sessions of the Forum.

While seeking new ways to enhance contributions from regional and sub-regional entities, as well as a wide range of forest-related stakeholders, the Secretariat has been promoting inputs, fostering dialogue and facilitating participation in UNFF sessions and related meetings. In these times of crisis, engaging with all these partners has become all the more critical to advance and promote SFM.