Secretariat Directory

Main Office
Room S-3140 UN Secretariat, New York
Fax: +1-212-963-8892

(Please note that some of these officials will relocate to the Austria Center, Vienna, just prior to the start of the PrepCom. New contact details will be added when available).

Thomas Markram 
(Secretary of the Preparatory Committee)
Tel: +1-212-963-0008
Email: markramATunDOTorg

Jerzy Zaleski
(Deputy Secretary of the Preparatory Committee)
Room C.119, UNOG
Tel: +41-22-917-3038
Email: jzaleskiATun.og

Myrna Pena
(NGO accreditation)
Tel: +1-212 963-34022

Kristin Jenssen
(NGO registration/ Side events)
Tel: +1-917-367-9566
Email: jenssenATunDOTorg

Francois Coutu
(Media and website)
Tel: +1-212-9632874

Bertha Ortiz
(Documentation/Speakers and participants list)
Tel: +1-212-963-0846
Email: ortiz1ATunDOTorg

Please replace AT by @ and DOT by . for the email addresses