United Nations and the Nobel Peace Prize

1969 - The International Labor Organization

The Norwegian Nobel Committee selected the organization because “the International Labour Organization's main task will be to ensure that this new world is based on social justice; in other words, to fulfill the command that is inscribed on the document in Geneva: "Si vis pacem, cole justitiam." If you desire peace, cultivate justice.” “"Universal and lasting peace can be established only if it is based upon social justice." This statement, which opens the preamble to the ILO's constitution, clearly and unmistakably places on the ILO a major role in the maintenance of peace” explained a representative of the ILO at the Nobel Lecture. “It shows that the founders of our organization in 1919 were convinced that there was an essential link between social justice within countries and international peace, and that this link was so strong and significant as to make it indispensable that an organization to deal with labor matters should be set up as an integral part of the new institutional framework for the promotion and protection of world peace after the First World War.