United Nations and the Nobel Peace Prize

1965 - United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

“Upon giving the prize, the Nobel Committee declared that “everyone has understood the language of UNICEF, and even the most reluctant person is bound to admit that in action UNICEF has proved that compassion knows no national boundaries. In May 2004 in Barcelona, Ms. Sham Poo, who was representing UNICEF at a meeting of Nobel Prize laureates, said that “Looking back on an organizational life now nearly sixty years in the making, it remains clear to us that it was not the deeds of UNICEF that the Nobel Committee was recognizing in 1965, but the idea of UNICEF. It was not UNICEF’s aspirations as an institution, but the global aspiration for our children and for our future that was being honoured. It was our collective human memory of childhood, and the dreams born of those memories, that were being acknowledged.”