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Histoire des Nations Unies

2011 - 2020

Date Milestones

21 June 2011

Ban Ki-moon getting sworn in for his second term  as Secretary-General

General Assembly appoints Ban Ki-moon to second term as UN Secretary-General.

July 2011South Sudan flag The Republic of South Sudan formally seceded from Sudan on 9 July 2011 as a result of an internationally monitored referendum held in January 2011, and was admitted as a new Member State by the United Nations General Assembly on 14 July 2011.

31 October 2011

7 Billion Actions logo

The global population reaches 7 billion.

June 2012

Rio+20 logo

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from the 20th through the 22nd of June 2012 in order to agree on new policies aimed at promoting global economic development and environmental protection. At the conclusion of the conference UN member states adopted the final document of Rio+20, "The Future We Want."

29 November 2012

the Palestinian delegation celebrates in the General Assembly

The General Assembly accorded non-Member Observer State status to the State of Palestine (Resolution A/RES/67/19).

11 October 2013

OPCW Director-General Ahmet Üzümcü addresses the media on 11 October 2013 on the occasion of the organisation's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) for its silent but useful work to contribute to peace in the world.

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