A look back at some of the noteworthy news developments that took place over the past two weeks in the UN system

UN News/Vibhu Mishra
20 Jun, 2018
Floating in near zero-gravity, 400 kilometres above the Pacific Ocean and flying at over 28,000 kilometres per hour, the six crew members onboard the International Space Station (ISS) joined the key United Nations forum on outer space affairs via video link on Wednesday, to discuss the importance of working together.
UN in China
10 Jun, 2018
United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed addressed the Heads of State summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on Sunday, stressing that the organization's impact in the political, economic and security realm, extends well beyond the large Eurasian region that its members represent.
UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré
18 Jun, 2018
As part of his final global update, the United Nations human rights chief on Monday voiced his deep concern over recently-adopted United States border protection policies that have seen hundreds of migrant children forcibly separated from their parents.
UNICEF/Ilvy Njiokiktjien
27 Jun, 2018
A stand-by drug used to prevent potentially-fatal bleeding after childbirth has some new competition – with improved benefits, according a United Nations health agency-led report.
UN Photo/Harandane Dicko
21 Jun, 2018
Top cops from across the globe are meeting at United Nations Headquarters this week to chart a vision for the police components deployed to UN peacekeeping missions.
UNMISS/Eric Kanalstein
07 Jun, 2018
The ongoing conflict in South Sudan must be brought to an end to ease the humanitarian suffering of a steadily growing number of people in the country, the United Nations top relief official underscored after a recent visit there.
UN Photo
27 Jun, 2018
Raising awareness of women’s contributions is critical to correcting historical imbalances that have undervalued their presence, the United Nations Secretary-General said on Wednesday.
RCO/Mia Paukovic
28 Jun, 2018
Following the recent positive political developments on the Korean Peninsula, the top United Nations official in North Korea envisages a surge in global humanitarian support for the millions there who are fighting malnutrition and living in poverty.
UNICEF/Brian Sokol
27 Jun, 2018
Rohingya women living in refugee camps in Bangladesh who have escaped rape and deadly violence in Myanmar say they fear returning home because of ongoing insecurity and the fact that they have no status there. That’s according to Pramila Patten, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative on the issue of sexual violence in conflict, whom we spoke to for this latest edition of our podcast, UN Gender Focus.
UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferre
27 Jun, 2018
The United Nations rights expert on Myanmar is “strongly” recommending that the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate and prosecute those allegedly responsible for “decades of crimes” in the form a grave violations of international human rights and humanitarian law inside the country.
World Bank/Celine Ferre
14 Jun, 2018
Older people are increasingly subject to financial abuse, in many cases by their own family members, a United Nations human rights expert warned on Thursday.
UN News/Elizabeth Scaffidi
18 Jun, 2018
The UN health agency has for the first time, tagged compulsive video gaming as a mental health condition in its updated classification manual, released on Monday.
FAO/J. Thompson
12 Jun, 2018
No child under the age of 18 should be toiling in mines, fields, factories and homes, carrying heavy loads or working long hours, the head of the UN labour agency said on Tuesday, marking World Day against Child Labour.
OPCW Photo
27 Jun, 2018
The United Nations chemical weapons watchdog voted in favour of a United Kingdom-led proposal on Wednesday, allocating itself new powers to assign blame for attacks.
G7 Canada/Xavier Dachez
09 Jun, 2018
Unless there is a change of course, the amount of plastic waste in the world’s oceans will outweigh the fish that live in them, by 2050, said the United Nations Secretary-General on Saturday, declaring that the world now faces a “global emergency” over the oceans.
26 Jun, 2018
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) is set to hold its 30th Ministerial Session in Beirut, Lebanon on 27 and 28 June with a focus on technology for sustainable development.
UNICEF/Giovanni Diffidenti
11 Jun, 2018
The situation inside Syria’s Idlib threatens to become “highly explosive” amid an uptick in conflict between armed groups and a spike in the number of people displaced inside the war-torn country, a top UN aid official said on Monday.
UN Photo/Manuel Elias
08 Jun, 2018
In a single round of voting on Friday, the United Nations General Assembly elected five new non-permanent Members of the Security Council, who will each serve two-year terms on the body that sets the UN’s whole peace and security agenda.
UNIS Vienna
22 Jun, 2018
A child in an astronaut suit, experiences the Moon in 360-degree virtual reality, at the Chinese Lunar Exploration Programme exhibit.

28 June 2018