A look back at some of the noteworthy news developments that took place over the past two weeks in the UN system

Photo: World Bank/Bart Verweij
10 Nov, 2017
Urgent action is needed to tackle malnutrition and promote consumption of healthier foods in the Asia-Pacific region – home to most of the world’s undernourished people – the United Nations food security agency said Friday.
UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
24 Oct, 2017
Commemorating United Nations Day alongside UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic, Secretary-General António Guterres on Tuesday paid tribute to the sacrifices made by uniformed personnel in the service of peace.
UN News
19 Oct, 2017
“People want to live here for very good reason – they’re beautiful islands, it’s where people have lived for centuries, their families have lived here for centuries,” Stephen O’Malley, the top UN relief official for Barbados and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States said in an interview. “So how do you make sure that you use the right techniques to keep yourself as safe, and your country as safe, as possible?”
Photo: FAO
12 Nov, 2017
With the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23), in Bonn, Germany, entering its final week of negotiations, the Fiji Presidency today announced an agreement on a Gender Action Plan, highlighting the role of women in climate action.
UN News/Vibhu Mishra
02 Nov, 2017
A United Nations forum on sustainable development concluded today in Bahrain with a strong call for the integration of entrepreneurship and innovation in all economic and social dimensions as key strategies to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
UN Photo/Albert Gonzlez Farran
06 Nov, 2017
The Security Council on Monday adopted a resolution stressing the important contribution that United Nations policing can provide in peacekeeping and special political missions throughout the conflict cycle.
UN Photo/Sylvain Liechti
02 Nov, 2017
Justice must be done for the murder of journalists, who perform important functions in taking forward fundamental freedoms and bolstering the strength of societies, a senior United Nations official said Thursday, marking the International Day to end impunity for crimes against them.
Photo: UNICEF/Mony
26 Oct, 2017
If Africa is to keep pace with an unprecedented demographic transition – Africa’s under-18 population will reach 750 million by 2030 – scaled-up investment in health, education and women’s protection and empowerment will be needed or the continent will face a ‘bleak’ future, the United Nations Children’s Fund reported Thursday.
Photo: Giles Clarke/UN OCHA
09 Nov, 2017
Yemen will be gripped by famine – one the likes of which the world has not seen in years – if the blockade on basic supplies into the country imposed by the Saudi Arabia-led coalition is not lifted immediately, the top United Nations humanitarian official has warned.
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27 Oct, 2017
In 1971 Kurt Waldheim of Austria and Max Jakobson of Finland were the rival candidates to replace U Thant as Secretary-General of the United Nations. I knew Jakobson as a forthright and thoughtful ambassador. I had met Kurt Waldheim several times when he was the Austrian ambassador to the UN, but he had left little impression. The five permanent members of the Security Council, still in shock from the dynamism of Dag Hammarskjöld, had evidently identified Waldheim as someone who would not make waves or rock the boat, and he won the contest.
Photo: UNICEF/Khuder Al-Issa
24 Oct, 2017
Health is a human right and health care workers are human rights defenders, the United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights has said, reminding Governments to provide healthcare for their citizens and to protect professionals who deliver these services.
UN Photo/Rick Bajornas
07 Nov, 2017
Seven weeks since hurricane Maria made landfall in Dominica and left widespread destruction in its wake, the United Nations migration agency has been supporting local tradespeople with safe construction skills to repair the damage and create conditions for a full recovery.
Photo: MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti
13 Nov, 2017
It is “extremely critical” that major “gaps” in equipment and staff needed to maintain UN peacekeeping operations are filled “in the shortest possible time”. That's according to Atul Khare, Under-Secretary-General for Field Support, which administers a budget of more than $7 billion to sustain 35 peacekeeping and other UN field missions around the world.
UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe
24 Oct, 2017
Gladys Ngwepekeum Nkeh is a United Nations police officer (UNPOL) from Cameroon, one of some 12,870 uniformed personnel working with the UN peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic. She speaks to UN News on what her typical days looks like
UN News/Runa A
08 Nov, 2017
Countries that have developed space technologies and services must do more to share these resources with other nations, according to the head of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization.
Photo: World Bank/Flore de Préneuf
23 Oct, 2017
Three multinational enterprises – Capgemini, Legrand and the Savola Group – today became the latest members of a United Nations global network that promotes equal opportunities for persons with disabilities in the workplace.
Photo: Fraidoon Poya
31 Oct, 2017
“Fortunately, women haven’t had a major role in the conflict or the destruction of Afghanistan, which strengthens our voices at the peace table,” said Somaia Ramish, a 30-year-old provincial councilwoman, adding: “Unfortunately, these days, violent extremism has a bigger advertising budget than does the promotion of peace.”

16 November 2017