A look back at some of the noteworthy news developments that took place over the past two weeks in the UN system

UN Photo/Mark Garten
08 Sep, 2017
As the excitement starts to build ahead of the United Nations General Assembly’s annual high-level session – which sees Heads of State and Government and top ministers from nearly all Member States gather in New York to weigh in on the vital issues of the day – Secretary-General António Guterres sat down with UN News to talk about the role of the 72-year-old Organization in a world that is facing more challenges than ever. Saying that the UN “must be an instrument for a surge in diplomacy for peace,” the Secretary-General discusses how he is working with the international community to make parties to conflict see that “nobody is winning” in today’s devastating wars; to spotlight the links between climate change and sustainable development to ensure a globalized world that “leaves no one behind;” and to follow through on his deep belief that an equitable presence of both male and female colleagues makes organizations work better.
Photo: IFAD/Lana Slezic
14 Sep, 2017
Noting that the world economy in 2017 “is picking up but not taking off,” a new United Nations trade and development report has cautioned against fiscal austerity and harnessing finance to support job creation and infrastructure investment.
UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferré
06 Sep, 2017
Drone technology appears to be taking off at the United Nations, with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) being used for various purposes, including in humanitarian, development and peacekeeping operations. Although this technology is not a magic solution, “the promise of drones is really tremendous,” said Christopher Fabian, principal advisor on innovation at the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in an interview with UN News.
Photo: UNICEF/Christopher Herwig
14 Sep, 2017
The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) today launched the Global Innovation Coalition for Change with partners from the private sector, the academia and non-governmental organizations to encourage innovation and technology work better for young women and girls around the world.
Photo: UNICEF/Pirozzi
11 Sep, 2017
Adults posing as young people are using chat apps and social networks to befriend children with the goal of sexually exploiting them – a concept known as grooming – but such abuse can be limited by educating children and their caregivers about the threats online, said Neil Walsh, the head of the global cybercrime programme at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
Photo: UNICEF/Fuad
11 Sep, 2017
Nearly one-in-five children across the Middle East and North Africa – over 90 per cent of whom live in conflict-affected countries – need immediate humanitarian assistance, according to new analysis by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
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12 Sep, 2017
Miroslav Lajčák hopes that under his presidency the United Nations General Assembly will overcome narrow national interests and produce tangible benefits for people. “My hope is that the 72nd session of the General Assembly will be a good one, a productive one that will result in many concrete solutions to the world’s problems,” Mr. Lajčák told UN News ahead of the session’s opening today.
Photo: UNICEF Nepal/NShrestha
02 Sep, 2017
The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) said today that an estimated 16 million children are in urgent need of life-saving support in the wake of torrential monsoon rains and catastrophic flooding in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.
Photo: Poppy McPherson/IRIN
11 Sep, 2017
The United Nations human rights chief today lashed out at the treatment of the Rohingya in Myanmar which has led to more than 300,000 people fleeing to Bangladesh in the past three weeks, as security forces and local militia reportedly burn villages and shoot civilians.
Photo: FAO
12 Sep, 2017
Underscoring the importance of South-South cooperation, United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed today urged sustained commitment to mutually beneficial approaches that will ensure shared prosperity and make sustainable development a reality.
UN Photo/Kim Haughton
05 Sep, 2017
A "bold new course" is needed across the UN system to address the challenges of urbanization in the 21st Century, the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, said at the opening of a high-level meeting on the New Urban Agenda.
Source: NOAA
07 Sep, 2017
United Nations agencies are supporting relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which has already wreaked havoc on Antigua and Barbuda and other Caribbean islands and is en route towards the United States.
Photo: World Bank
07 Sep, 2017
Amid the increasing proliferation of fake news and the resulting challenges in discerning accurate information from false ones, a United Nations forum today discussed ways to tackle the complex issue as well as equipping the consumers of information with the necessary skills and tools to assess the credibility of any media message and news source.
Photo: UNMINSS/Markogiannis
13 Sep, 2017
The return of displaced people to their homes in Wau in north-western South Sudan could provide a "model" for other parts of the country, the head of the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said.
Photo: UN Mission in Colombia
11 Sep, 2017
As the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia prepares to begin its activities, its chief expressed the hope today that, with the support of the Security Council, the new operation should be able to strengthen the country’s confidence for a stable peace.

14 September 2017