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Data and Observation 

Remote Sensing


Remote Sensing for Decision-makers
Satellite imagery and geographic information systems in natural resources planning and management

METART- ARTEMIS and AGROMET Data and Information
Low resolution satellite imagery, meteorological data and derived products and information on software tools, methods and techniques used for environmental monitoring, crop forecasting, early warning, desert locust control and others, from the ARTEMIS and Agrometeorology Groups, FAO Environment and Natural Resources Service (SDRN)

Terrestrial ecosystem monitoring sites (TEMS)
TEMS, Terrestrial Ecosystem Monitoring Sites, is an international directory of sites (named T.Sites) and networks that carry out long-term terrestrial monitoring and research activities.

Overview of FAO Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System and Agrometeorological Activities
The overall mission of the Environment and Natural Resources Service of FAO, comprising Remote Sensing, Agrometeorology, GIS, Energy and the follow-up to UNCED, is to contribute to and promote environmental and natural resources management and conservation in the context of sustainable agriculture, including forestry and fisheries, rural development and food security.



UNOSAT objectives are to facilitate the physical planning process of local authorities, project managers and field operators working in relation to or within the framework of UN activities, on issues such as disaster management, risk prevention, peace keeping operations, post conflict reconstruction, environmental rehabilitation and social and economic development.

The purpose of UNOSAT is then to encourage, facilitate, accelerate and expand the use of accurate geographic information derived from EO-satellite imagery by professionals involved in the implementation of humanitarian aid activities and development assistance projects.


Data & Obs.


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