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7th Earthwatch Working Party

Agenda - UNEP/EWWP7/1

(Also available in word format ewwp7ag.doc - 67 Kb)

1. Opening of the meeting

2. Approval of the agenda and adoption of working procedures

3. Report by the secretariat on progress in Earthwatch

4. Task Manager functions for Chapter 40

5. Relevant decisions of the ninth session of the CSD

6. Indicators of environment and sustainable development

7. Update on UN system input to the GEO3

8. Preparation for and follow up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development

9. Harmonization of Global Environment Assessments

10. New and emerging issues

11. Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS)

12. Status of UNEP.net

13. Future strategy and work programme for Earthwatch coordination

14. Other business

15. Date and venue of the next meeting

16. Adoption of the report of the meeting

17. Closure of the meeting



7th Working Party


UNEP/DEWA/Earthwatch 1996-2003