Marek Halter

Marek Halter Marek Halter is an, author, artist, human rights activist and educator. One of his latest works, a trilogy about the women of the Bible, Sarah, Tsippora, and Lilah, has become an international bestseller. In 2001, he was named by French President Jacques Chirac as the General Commissioner for the French participation of the Third Centenarian of San-Petersburg. He is the creator and producer of a two-part documentary titled The Righteous, depicting the heroic efforts of European people during WWII who saved Jewish lives. During 1992 and 1993, he acted as a liaison between the Israelis and Palestinians during their negotiations in Paris and Oslo. In 1982, along with former European Parliament President Madame Simone Veil, Mr. Halter created the European foundation for Science, Art and Culture. He also founded the movement “SOS Racisme” to oppose racism and anti-Semitism in France. Mr. Halter is the recipient of the 1996 National Book Award and the 1954 Prix International de Peinture de Deauville. He has published over twenty books, novels and essays, and contributes to publications around the world. Mr. Halter was born in Poland but moved to France in 1950, after having survived and escaped the Warsaw ghetto during the Holocaust.

Marek Halter is a national of France.