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General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

9 July 1997


Fifty-first session
Agenda item 132


               [on the report of the Fifth Committee (A/51/921)]

      51/235.     Financing of the United Nations Peacekeeping
                  Force in Cyprus

      The General Assembly,

      Having considered the reports of the Secretary-General on the
financing of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus 1/ and
the related report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and
Budgetary Questions, 2/

      Recalling Security Council resolution 186 (1964) of 4 March 1964,
by which the Council established the United Nations Peacekeeping Force
in Cyprus, and the subsequent resolutions by which the Council
extended the mandate of the Force, the latest of which was resolution
1092 (1996) of 23 December 1996,

      Recalling also its resolution 50/236 of 7 June 1996 on the
financing of the Force,

      Reaffirming that the costs of the Force that are not covered by
voluntary contributions are expenses of the Organization to be borne
by Member States in accordance with Article 17, paragraph 2, of the
Charter of the United Nations,

      Noting with appreciation that voluntary contributions have been
made to the Force by certain Governments,

      Noting the agreement of the Government of Greece that, for the
period under consideration, a proportion of its annual voluntary
contribution will serve to cover, in part, the United Nations
obligations regarding termination benefits payable to locally employed
civilian staff,

      Recalling its previous decisions regarding the fact that, in
order to meet the expenditures caused by the Force, a different
procedure is required from the one applied to meet expenditures of the
regular budget of the United Nations,

      Taking into account the fact that the economically more developed
countries are in a position to make relatively larger contributions
and that the economically less developed countries have a relatively
limited capacity to contribute towards such an operation,

      Bearing in mind the special responsibilities of the States
permanent members of the Security Council, as indicated in General
Assembly resolution 1874 (S-IV) of 27 June 1963, in the financing of
such operations,

      Expressing its appreciation to all those Member States and
observer States which have made voluntary contributions to the Special
Account established for the financing of the Force for the period
prior to 16 June 1993,

      Noting that voluntary contributions were insufficient to cover
all of the costs of the Force, including those incurred by troop-
contributing Governments prior to 16 June 1993, and regretting the
absence of an adequate response to appeals for voluntary
contributions, including that contained in the letter dated
17 May 1994 from the Secretary-General to all Member States, 3/

      Mindful of the fact that it is essential to provide the Force
with the necessary financial resources to enable it to fulfil its
responsibilities under the relevant resolutions of the Security

      1.    Takes note of the status of contributions to the United
Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus as at 13 May 1997, including the
contributions outstanding in the amount of 13,326,013 United States
dollars, representing 15 per cent of the total assessed contributions
from 16 June 1993 to the period ending 30 June 1997, notes that some
23 per cent of the Member States have paid their assessed
contributions in full, and urges all other Member States concerned, in
particular those in arrears, to ensure the payment of their
outstanding assessed contributions;

      2.    Expresses concern about the financial situation with regard
to peacekeeping activities, in particular as regards the reimbursement
of troop contributors, which bear burdens owing to overdue payments by
Member States of their assessments;

      3.    Expresses its appreciation to those Member States which have
paid their assessed contributions in full;

      4.    Urges all other Member States to make every possible effort
to ensure payment of their assessed contributions to the Force in full
and on time;

      5.    Endorses the observations and recommendations contained in
the report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary
Questions, 2/ subject to the provisions of the present resolution;

      6.    Requests the Secretary-General to take all necessary action
to ensure that the Force is administered with a maximum of efficiency
and economy;

      7.    Decides to appropriate to the Special Account for the United
Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus an amount of 48,000,800 dollars
gross (45,877,800 dollars net) for the maintenance of the Force for
the period from 1 July 1997 to 30 June 1998, inclusive of an amount of
1,939,100 dollars for the support account for peacekeeping operations
and an amount of 1,131,000 dollars for the cost of termination
benefits for locally employed civilians relating to the period of
employment after 15 June 1993;

      8.    Decides also, as an ad hoc arrangement, taking into
consideration the funding through voluntary contributions of one third
of the cost of the Force, equivalent to 15,292,600 dollars, by the
Government of Cyprus and of 3,731,333 dollars by the Government of
Greece, to apportion among Member States the amount of 28,976,867
dollars gross (26,853,867 dollars net), including an amount of
2,768,667 dollars, as provided for in paragraph 12 below, for the
period from 1 July 1997 to 30 June 1998, to be assessed at a monthly
rate of 2,414,738 dollars gross (2,237,822 dollars net), in accordance
with the composition of groups set out in paragraphs 3 and 4 of
General Assembly resolution 43/232 of 1 March 1989, as adjusted by the
Assembly in its resolutions 44/192 B of 21 December 1989, 45/269 of
27 August 1991, 46/198 A of 20 December 1991, 47/218 A of
23 December 1992, 49/249 A of 20 July 1995, 49/249 B of
14 September 1995, 50/224 of 11 April 1996 and 51/218 A and B of
18 December 1996 and its decisions 48/472 A of 23 December 1993 and
50/451 B of 23 December 1995, and taking into account the scale of
assessments for the year 1997, as set out in its resolution 49/19 B of
23 December 1994 and its decision 50/471 A of 23 December 1995, and
for the year 1998, 4/ subject to the decision of the Security Council
to extend the mandate of the Force beyond 30 June 1997;

      9.    Decides further that, in accordance with the provisions of
its resolution 973 (X) of 15 December 1955, there shall be set off
against the apportionment among Member States, as provided for in
paragraph 8 above, their respective share in the Tax Equalization Fund
of the estimated staff assessment income of 2,123,000 dollars approved
for the period from 1 July 1997 to 30 June 1998;

      10.   Decides to continue to maintain as separate the account
established for the period prior to 16 June 1993 for the Force,
invites Member States to make voluntary contributions to that account,
and requests the Secretary-General to continue his efforts in
appealing for voluntary contributions to the account;

      11.   Calls upon Member States to make voluntary contributions to
the Special Account for the Force to enable the United Nations to meet
its remaining obligations with respect to the locally employed
civilian staff;

      12.   Notes the agreement of the Government of Greece to earmark,
on an ad hoc basis, for the period from 1 July 1997 to 30 June 1998,
an amount of 2,768,667 dollars from its annual voluntary contribution
of 6.5 million dollars to the Force, for this purpose;

      13.   Invites voluntary contributions to the Force in cash and in
the form of services and supplies acceptable to the Secretary-General,
to be administered, as appropriate, in accordance with the procedure
and practices established by the General Assembly;

      14.   Requests the Secretary-General to direct the Office of
Internal Oversight Services to evaluate the events and circumstances
that led to United Nations responsibility for termination pay to the
locally employed civilians in the Force, including all aspects of
accountability and responsibility of United Nations staff, and to
report thereon to the General Assembly;

      15.   Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its fifty-
second session the item entitled "Financing of the United Nations
Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus".

                                                         101st plenary meeting
                                                                  13 June 1997


1/    A/51/755 and Corr.1 and Add.1.

2/    A/51/851 and Corr.1.

3/    S/1994/647; see Official Records of the Security Council, Forty-
ninth Year, Supplement for April, May and June 1994.

4/    To be adopted by the General Assembly.

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