United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

21 February 1997


Fifty-first session
Agenda item 99 (b)


              [on the report of the Second Committee (A/51/607)]

                    51/187.     United Nations University

      The General Assembly,

      Reaffirming its previous resolutions on the United Nations

      Having considered the report of the Council of the United Nations
University 1/ and the report of the Secretary-General on the work of
the University, 2/

      Expressing its deep appreciation for the voluntary contributions
made to date by Governments and other public and private entities in
support of the University,

      Noting with appreciation the efforts made by the Rector of the
United Nations University in intensifying his interaction with the
United Nations Secretariat in the context of preparing for the third
medium-term perspective,

      Noting also with appreciation the efforts made by the Rector in
initiating a new series of research programmes,

      1.    Welcomes the completion of the second medium-term
perspective, 1990-1995, of the United Nations University and the
ongoing work of formulating the third medium-term perspective for the
period 1996-2001, being considered by the Council of the University;

      2.    Takes note with appreciation of the steps taken by the
Council and the Rector of the United Nations University to promote the
work and the visibility of the University, particularly among Member
States, the United Nations and its agencies, through such measures as
organizing a series of public forums for the purpose of disseminating
the results of its research, and requests them to further intensify
such efforts;

      3.    Requests the Council and the Rector to continue intensifying
their efforts to improve the University's interaction and
communication with other bodies of the United Nations system, and to
continue their efforts to avoid the duplication of work within the

      4.    Also requests the Council and the Rector to enhance further
coordination and complementarity between the University's programmes
and its research and training centres;

      5.    Requests the Secretary-General, in this connection, to
continue his consideration of innovative measures to improve the
interaction and communication between the University and other bodies
of the United Nations system and to ensure the integration of the work
of the University into all relevant activities of the system, taking
into account General Assembly resolution 49/124 of 19 December 1994,
so that the United Nations system may draw more extensively upon the
work of the University, and to submit a report thereon to the Assembly
at its fifty-third session;

      6.    Welcomes the efforts of the Secretary-General to allow for
the greater participation of the University in the work of the United
Nations, and invites him to continue to encourage the participation,
as appropriate, of the University in the activities of the
Administrative Committee on Coordination and its subsidiary machinery,
as well as through other existing structures and modalities for
communication, interaction and integration;

      7.    Requests the Council and the Rector, taking into account
resolution 49/124, to continue to make further efforts to ensure the
efficiency and economy of the activities of the University, as well as
its financial transparency and accountability, and to intensify
efforts to augment its Endowment Fund and to find innovative ways to
mobilize operating contributions and other programme and project

      8.    Invites the international community to make voluntary
contributions to the University.

                                                          86th plenary meeting
                                                              16 December 1996


1/    A/51/31; see Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifty-
first Session, Supplement No. 31.

2/    A/51/324.


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