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General Assembly

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4 February 1997


Fifty-first session
Agenda item 84


          [on the report of the Special Political and Decolonization
                   Committee (Fourth Committee) (A/51/591)]

            51/130.     University of Jerusalem "Al-Quds" for
                        Palestine refugees

      The General Assembly,

      Recalling its resolutions 36/146 G of 16 December 1981, 37/120 C
of 16 December 1982, 38/83 K of 15 December 1983, 39/99 K of 14
December 1984, 40/165 D and K of 16 December 1985, 41/69 K of 3
December 1986, 42/69 K of 2 December 1987, 43/57 J of 6 December 1988, 44/47 J
of 8 December 1989, 45/73 J of 11 December 1990, 46/46 J of 9 December 1991,
47/69 J of 14 December 1992, 48/40 I of 10 December 1993, 49/35 G of 9
December 1994 and 50/28 G of 6 December 1995,

      Having considered the report of the Secretary-General, 1/

      Having also considered the report of the Commissioner-General of
the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in
the Near East for the period from 1 July 1995 to 30 June 1996, 2/

      1.    Emphasizes the need for strengthening the educational system
in the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 5 June 1967,
including Jerusalem, and specifically the need for the establishment
of the proposed university;

      2.    Requests the Secretary-General to continue to take all
necessary measures for establishing the University of Jerusalem "Al-
Quds", in accordance with General Assembly resolution 35/13 B of 3
November 1980, giving due consideration to the recommendations
consistent with the provisions of that resolution;

      3.    Calls once more upon Israel, the occupying Power, to
cooperate in the implementation of the present resolution and to
remove the hindrances that it has put in the way of establishing the
University of Jerusalem "Al-Quds";

      4.    Requests the Secretary-General to report to the General
Assembly at its fifty-second session on the progress made in the
implementation of the present resolution.

                                                          83rd plenary meeting
                                                              13 December 1996


1/    A/51/476.

2/    Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifty-first Session,
Supplement No. 13 (A/51/13).


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