United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

17 December 1996


                                                   88th plenary meeting
                                                   17 December 1996
            51/205. Proclamation of 21 November as World Television Day
      The General Assembly,
      Recalling its resolution 13 (I) of 13 February 1946, in which it stated,
inter alia, that the United Nations cannot achieve its purposes unless the
peoples of the world are fully informed of its aims and activities,
      Recalling also its resolutions concerning information in service of
humanity and United Nations public information policies and activities,
      Reaffirming its commitment to the principles of the Charter of the
United Nations and to the principles of freedom of information, as well as to
those of the independence, pluralism and diversity of the media,
      Underlining that communications have become one of today's central
international issues, not only for their relevance for the world economy, but
also for their implications for social and cultural development,
      Recognizing the increasing impact that television has on decision-making
by alerting world attention to conflicts and threats to peace and security and
its potential role in sharpening the focus on other major issues, including
economic and social issues,
      Underlining that the United Nations faces ever-increasing demands to
address the major issues facing humankind and that television, as one of
today's most powerful communications media, could play a role in presenting
these issues to the world,
      Noting with satisfaction the holding at Headquarters, on 21 and 22
November 1996, of the first World Television Forum, where leading media
figures met under the auspices of the United Nations to discuss the growing
significance of television in today's changing world and to consider how they
might enhance their mutual cooperation,
      1.    Decides to proclaim 21 November World Television Day,
commemorating the date on which the first World Television Forum was held;
      2.    Invites all Member States to observe World Television Day by
encouraging global exchanges of television programmes focusing, among other
things, on such issues as peace, security, economic and social development and
the enhancement of cultural exchange;
      3.    Requests the Secretary-General to bring the present resolution to
the attention of all Governments and appropriate non-governmental