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General Assembly

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5 February 1996


Fiftieth session
Agenda item 33


          [without reference to a Main Committee (A/50/L.18/Rev.1 and

            50/85.   International assistance for the
                     rehabilitation and reconstruction of
                     Nicaragua: aftermath of the war and
                     natural disasters

      The General Assembly,

      Recalling its resolutions 45/15 of 20 November 1990, 46/109 A and
B of 17 December 1991, 47/118 of 18 December 1992, 48/161 of
20 December 1993 and 49/137 of 19 December 1994 concerning the
situation in Central America,

      Recalling also its resolutions 47/169 of 22 December 1992, 48/8
of 22 October 1993 and 49/16 of 17 November 1994 concerning the item
entitled "International assistance for the rehabilitation and
reconstruction of Nicaragua: aftermath of the war and natural
disasters", in which it requested the international community to
continue providing support to Nicaragua, taking into account the
exceptional circumstances faced by that country, and requested the
Secretary-General, in coordination with the Nicaraguan authorities, to
provide the assistance necessary in the process of consolidation of

      Deeply concerned at the fact that the recent natural disasters
that have occurred in Nicaragua, the burden of the foreign debt,
despite its reduction and renegotiation achieved with the
collaboration of the international community, and the harmful effects
on its economy of the prolonged periods of drought followed by
excessive rain and floods that have afflicted the Central American
region impede the efforts being made by Nicaragua to overcome the
consequences of war within the framework of a democracy and under the
macroeconomic conditions already achieved,

      Deeply concerned also at the serious effects of the volcanic
eruption of Cerro Negro in Nicaragua, which has created a social and
ecological emergency in the affected areas, as well as the urgent
requirement for humanitarian assistance and the need to restore the
normal conditions of the population,

      Taking into account the central role of all parties in Nicaragua,
in particular the Government and the Nicaraguan people, in seeking
lasting solutions to consolidate the achievements of their transition,

      Expressing its appreciation for the work of the Support Group for
Nicaragua, which, under the coordination of the Secretary-General, is
playing an active role in supporting that country's efforts towards
economic recovery and social development,

      Recognizing the efforts of the international community and the
Government of Nicaragua to provide relief to the persons affected by
the aftermath of the war and natural disasters,

      Recognizing also the intensive efforts by the Government of
Nicaragua to promote a sustained economic recovery and the
considerable progress made in securing a broad social consensus by
means of a process of national dialogue for the adoption of measures
to lay the foundations for reconstruction and economic and social
development through a comprehensive transition process that will be
further consolidated with the holding of free and democratic elections
at the end of 1996,

      Taking into account the commitments adopted by the Central
American Presidents at the Central American Environment Summit for
Sustainable Development, through the Alliance for the Sustainable
Development of Central America,  1/ and, in this context, the
special attention required by Nicaragua because of its exceptional
situation in order that those important commitments may begin to be

      Taking note with satisfaction of the report of the Secretary-
General of 10 October 1995 on the measures adopted pursuant to
resolution 49/16,  2/

      1.    Commends the efforts made by the international community,
including the organs and organizations of the United Nations system,
to supplement the action undertaken by the Government of Nicaragua and
by other parties concerned in the task of rehabilitation and national
reconstruction as well as in providing emergency assistance;

      2.    Requests the Secretary-General, within existing resources,
to support the efforts of the Government of Nicaragua in the affected
areas, and invites Member States, organizations, specialized agencies
and programmes of the United Nations to continue to provide assistance
and to respond generously while the emergency situation persists;

      3.    Expresses its gratitude to the Secretary-General for his
report on the measures adopted pursuant to resolution 49/16;

      4.    Encourages the Government of Nicaragua to continue its
efforts for reconstruction and national reconciliation, in particular
those related to poverty alleviation, economic and social development
and the solution of property problems, with a view to the
consolidation of a stable democracy;

      5.    Requests all Member States, the international funding
agencies and regional, intraregional and non-governmental
organizations to continue to provide, in a broad and flexible form,
support to Nicaragua at the required levels, giving particular
attention to the exceptional circumstances of Nicaragua, and to
stimulate a greater effort in the process of reconstruction, social
investment, stabilization and development;

      6.    Calls upon all Member States, the international funding
agencies, regional and intraregional organizations and, in particular,
the Secretary-General, taking into account the explicit request of the
Government of Nicaragua, to provide the technical cooperation and
assistance needed in support of the electoral process which will take
place in Nicaragua in 1996;

      7.    Requests the Secretary-General, in cooperation with the
relevant organs and organizations of the United Nations system and in
close cooperation with the Nicaraguan authorities, to continue to
provide all necessary assistance to activities for the reconstruction,
stabilization and development of Nicaragua and to continue to ensure
the timely, comprehensive, flexible and effective formulation and
coordination of programmes of the United Nations system in Nicaragua,
given the importance of those activities for the consolidation of
peace, democracy and sustainable development;

      8.    Also requests the Secretary-General to provide Nicaragua, at
the request of its Government, with all possible assistance to support
the consolidation of peace, democracy and sustainable development in
such areas as caring for displaced persons, land ownership and land
tenure in rural areas, appropriate care for war-disabled persons, mine
clearance and the overcoming of difficulties in the restoration of the
productive areas of the country, and, in general, a process of
sustained economic and social recovery and development so that the
peace and democracy already achieved become irreversible;

      9.    Further requests the Secretary-General to submit to the
General Assembly at its fifty-first session a report on the action
taken to implement the present resolution;

      10.   Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its fifty-
first session the item entitled "International assistance for the
rehabilitation and reconstruction of Nicaragua: aftermath of the war
and natural disasters", and thereafter to consider this issue on a
biennial basis, under the item entitled "Special economic assistance
to individual countries or regions".

                                                          93rd plenary meeting
                                                              15 December 1995


1/   See A/49/580-S/1994/1217, annex I.

2/   A/50/535.

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