United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  
50th session
9 January 1996

Fiftieth session
Agenda item 67


               [on the report of the First Committee (A/50/587)]

            50/67.      Establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free
                        zone in South Asia

      The General Assembly,

      Recalling its resolutions 3265 B (XXIX) of 9 December 1974, 3476
B (XXX) of 11 December 1975, 31/73 of 10 December 1976, 32/83 of 12
December 1977, 33/65 of 14 December 1978, 34/78 of 11 December 1979,
35/148 of 12 December 1980, 36/88 of 9 December 1981, 37/76 of 9
December 1982, 38/65 of 15 December 1983, 39/55 of 12 December 1984,
40/83 of 12 December 1985, 41/49 of 3 December 1986, 42/29 of 30
November 1987, 43/66 of 7 December 1988, 44/109 of 15 December 1989,
45/53 of 4 December 1990, 46/31 of 6 December 1991, 47/49 of 9
December 1992, 48/72 of 16 December 1993 and 49/72 of 15 December 1994
concerning the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in South

      Reiterating its conviction that the establishment of nuclear-
weapon-free zones in various regions of the world is one of the
measures that can contribute effectively to the objectives of non-
proliferation of nuclear weapons and general and complete disarmament,

      Believing that the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in
South Asia, as in other regions, will assist in the strengthening of
the security of the States of the region against the use or threat of
use of nuclear weapons,

      Taking note with appreciation of the declarations issued at the
highest level by the Governments of South Asian States that are
developing their peaceful nuclear programmes, reaffirming their
undertaking not to acquire or manufacture nuclear weapons and to
devote their nuclear programmes exclusively to the economic and social
advancement of their peoples,

      Welcoming the recent proposal for the conclusion of a bilateral
or regional nuclear-test-ban agreement in South Asia,

      Noting the proposal to convene, under the auspices of the United
Nations, a conference on nuclear non-proliferation in South Asia as
soon as possible, with the participation of the regional and other
concerned States,

      Noting also the proposal to hold consultations among five nations
with a view to ensuring nuclear non-proliferation in the region,

      Considering that the eventual participation of other States, as
appropriate, in this process could be useful,

      Bearing in mind the provisions of paragraphs 60 to 63 of the
Final Document of the Tenth Special Session of the General Assembly 1/
regarding the establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones,
including in the region of South Asia,

      Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General,  2/

      1.    Reaffirms its endorsement, in principle, of the concept of a
nuclear-weapon-free zone in South Asia;

      2.    Urges once again the States of South Asia to continue to
make all possible efforts to establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in
South Asia and to refrain, in the meantime, from any action contrary
to that objective;

      3.    Welcomes the support of all the five nuclear-weapon States
for this proposal, and calls upon them to extend the necessary
cooperation in the efforts to establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in
South Asia;

      4.    Requests the Secretary-General to communicate with the
States of the region and other concerned States in order to ascertain
their views on the issue and to promote consultations among them with
a view to exploring the best possibilities of furthering the efforts
for the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in South Asia;

      5.    Also requests the Secretary-General to report on the subject
to the General Assembly at its fifty-first session;

      6.    Decides to include in the provisional agenda of its fifty-
first session the item entitled "Establishment of a nuclear-weapon-
free zone in South Asia".

                                                          90th plenary meeting
                                                              12 December 1995


1/   Resolution S-10/2.

2/   A/50/299.

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