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General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  
50th session
12 February 1996

Fiftieth session
Agenda item 18


     [on the report of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee
                        (Fourth Committee) (A/50/602)]

                      50/37.   Question of New Caledonia

      The General Assembly,

      Having considered the question of New Caledonia,

      Having examined the chapter of the report of the Special
Committee on the Situation with regard to the Implementation of the
Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and
Peoples relating to New Caledonia,  1/

      Reaffirming the right of peoples to self-determination as
enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations,

      Recalling its resolutions 1514 (XV) and 1541 (XV) of 14 and
15 December 1960, respectively,

      Noting the importance of the positive measures being pursued in
New Caledonia by the French authorities, in cooperation with all
sectors of the population, to promote political, economic and social
development in the Territory, including measures in the area of
environmental protection and action with respect to drug abuse and
trafficking, in order to provide a framework for its peaceful progress
to self-determination,

      Noting also, in this context, the importance of equitable
economic and social development, as well as continued dialogue among
the parties involved in New Caledonia in the preparation of the act of
self-determination of New Caledonia,
      Welcoming the strengthening of the process of review of the
Matignon Accords  2/ through the increased frequency of
coordination meetings,

      Noting with satisfaction the intensification of contacts between
New Caledonia and neighbouring countries of the South Pacific region,

      1.    Urges all the parties involved, in the interest of all the
people of New Caledonia and building on the positive outcome of the
mid-term review of the Matignon Accords, to maintain their dialogue in
a spirit of harmony;

      2.    Invites all the parties involved to continue promoting a
framework for the peaceful progress of the Territory towards an act of
self-determination in which all options are open and which would
safeguard the rights of all New Caledonians according to the letter
and the spirit of the Matignon Accords, which are based on the
principle that it is for the populations of New Caledonia to choose
how to control their destiny;

      3.    Welcomes measures that have been taken to strengthen and
diversify the New Caledonian economy in all fields, and encourages
further such measures in accordance with the spirit of the Matignon

      4.    Also welcomes the importance attached by the parties to the
Matignon Accords to greater progress in housing, employment, training,
education and health care in New Caledonia;

      5.    Acknowledges the contribution of the Melanesian Cultural
Centre to the protection of the indigenous culture of New Caledonia;

      6.    Notes the positive initiatives aimed at protecting New
Caledonia's natural environment, notably the "Zone'co" operation
designed to map and evaluate marine resources within the economic zone
of New Caledonia;

      7.    Acknowledges the close links between New Caledonia and the
peoples of the South Pacific and the positive actions being taken by
the French and provincial authorities to facilitate the further
development of those links, including the development of closer
relations with the member countries of the South Pacific Forum;

      8.    Welcomes, in particular, in this regard, continuing high-
level visits to New Caledonia by delegations from countries of the
Pacific region and high-level visits by delegations from New Caledonia
to member countries of the South Pacific Forum;

      9.    Requests the Special Committee on the Situation with regard
to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of
Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples to continue the
examination of this question at its next session and to report thereon
to the General Assembly at its fifty-first session.

                                                          82nd plenary meeting
                                                               6 December 1995


1/   A/50/23 (Part V), chap. IX.

2/   See A/AC.109/1000, paras. 9-14.

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