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General Assembly

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22 May 1996


Fiftieth session
Agenda item 45


         [without reference to a Main Committee (A/50/L.72 and Add.1)]

         50/226.  United Nations Office of Verification in El Salvador

      The General Assembly,

      Recalling its resolutions on the situation in Central America, in
particular resolution 50/7 of 31 October 1995, in which it,
inter alia, approved the proposal of the Secretary-General to extend
the mandate of the Mission of the United Nations in El Salvador for a
further period of six months and requested the Secretary-General to
report on its implementation,

      Having considered the report of the Secretary-General of
23 April 1996 on the Mission of the United Nations in
El Salvador,  1/ and the letter from the Government of El Salvador
and the Frente Farabundo Marti' para la Liberacio'n Nacional to the
Secretary-General dated 23 April 1996,  2/

      Recognizing with satisfaction the continuing evolution of
El Salvador from a country torn by conflict into a democratic and
peaceful nation,

      Paying tribute to those Member States which have contributed
personnel and voluntary funding to the Mission,

      1.    Welcomes the continuing commitment of the Government and
people of El Salvador to the consolidation of the peace process;

      2.    Pays tribute to the accomplishments of the Mission of the
United Nations in El Salvador, under the authority of the Secretary-
General and his Special Representative;

      3.    Recognizes the political commitment of the Government of
El Salvador and the other parties to the peace accords to continue to
comply with their provisions, and urges them to work together to
complete their implementation without delay;

      4.    Decides, in accordance with the recommendation contained in
paragraph 36 of the report of the Secretary-General, to establish a
small United Nations Office of Verification, to be headed by an
official at an appropriate political level, to follow up
implementation of pending aspects of the peace accords in El Salvador
through 31 December 1996;

      5.    Also decides that the United Nations Office of Verification
should be financed within existing resources, in a manner consistent
with the effective fulfilment of its mandate and taking into account
that the Secretary-General will submit proposals on possible means of
absorption in the programme budget for the biennium 1996-1997 to the
General Assembly, through the Advisory Committee on Administrative and
Budgetary Questions, no later than 15 May 1996;

      6.    Notes that regular visits to El Salvador by senior officials
from United Nations Headquarters are making a significant contribution
towards the full implementation of the peace accords;

      7.    Emphasizes the importance of a continued and enhanced
cooperation of the United Nations Office of Verification with other
bodies of the United Nations system in the consolidation of the peace

      8.    Calls upon Member States and international institutions to
continue to provide assistance to the Government and people of
El Salvador and to lend support to the efforts of the United Nations
in El Salvador for the purposes of peace-building and development;

      9.    Requests the Secretary-General to report to it on the
implementation of the present resolution.

                                                         118th plenary meeting
                                                                   10 May 1996


1/   A/50/935.

2/   A/50/948, annex.

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