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10 May 1996ORIGINAL:

Fiftieth session
Agenda item 138 (a)


            [on the report of the Fifth Committee (A/50/850/Add.3)]

            50/223.      Death and disability benefits

      The General Assembly,

      Taking note of the report of the Secretary-General  1/ and the
related report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and
Budgetary Questions,  2/

      Expressing deep concern at the delay in the settlement of claims
in respect of death and disability,

      Taking note of the views expressed by Member States in the Fifth
Committee,  3/

      1.    Reiterates the decision, contained in section III,
paragraph 1, of its resolution 49/233 A of 23 December 1994, that
underlying any system of compensation for death and disability should
be the need for:

      (a)   Equal treatment of Member States;

      (b)   Compensation to the beneficiary that is not lower than
reimbursement by the United Nations;

      (c)   Simplification of administrative arrangements to the extent

      (d)   Speedy settlement of claims for death and disability;

      2.    Requests the Secretary-General to examine also the
possibility of an insurance scheme to cover all troops, on the basis
of a request for proposals from the global insurance market;

      3.    Also requests the Secretary-General to present the results
of the above-mentioned action and to respond to issues raised in the
report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary
Questions 2/ by 15 July 1996 for the consideration of the General
Assembly, through the Committee.

                                                      104th plenary meeting
                                                              11 April 1996


1/   A/49/906 and Corr.1.

2/   A/50/684.

3/   See A/C.5/50/SR.47, 48 and 55.

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