United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

17 April 1996


Fiftieth session
Agenda items 116, 138 (a) and 159


            [on the report of the Fifth Committee (A/50/834/Add.1)]

                50/219.  Special representatives, envoys and
                         related positions

      The General Assembly,

      Reaffirming its resolution 48/259 of 14 July 1994,

      1.    Takes note of the report of the Secretary-General 1/ and the
related report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and
Budgetary Questions; 2/

      2.    Endorses the conclusions and recommendations of the Advisory
Committee as contained in its report;

      3.    Reiterates its request to the Secretary-General to ensure
that the number of special envoys, special representatives and other
special high-level positions is kept at a minimum, that their
functions and responsibilities are more clearly defined and
streamlined, avoiding any possible duplication, and that current
financial regulations and budgetary procedures are fully complied
with, and requests him to report on the action he has taken in this
regard to the General Assembly at its resumed fiftieth session.

                                                         103rd plenary meeting
                                                                  3 April 1996


1/    A/C.5/49/50.

2/    A/50/7/Add.2.

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