United Nations


General Assembly

Distr. GENERAL  

1 February 1996


Fiftieth session
Agenda item 107


               [on the report of the Third Committee (A/50/630)]

            50/163.     International Research and Training
                        Institute for the Advancement of Women

      The General Assembly,

      Recalling its resolution 48/105 of 20 December 1993,

      Taking note of Economic and Social Council resolution 1995/45 of
27 July 1995,

      Taking note also of the report of the Board of Trustees of the
International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of
Women on its fifteenth session,  1/

      Taking note further of the analysis done by the Board of Trustees
and its recommendation that the Institute should also report to the
Second Committee of the General Assembly under relevant agenda items,
in order to improve the coordination and synergy of its programmes
with other economic and social issues,

      Reaffirming the original mandate and distinct capacity of the
Institute to carry out research and training for the advancement of
women, as stipulated in General Assembly resolution 3520 (XXX) of
15 December 1975,

      Stressing the need for independent research to ensure that
policy-making and project implementation address issues and emerging
areas of concern to women, and the role of the activities of the
Institute therein,

      Noting the recommendation of the Board of Trustees that the
Institute should implement the recommendations emanating from the
United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, the
International Conference on Population and Development, the World
Summit for Social Development and the Fourth World Conference on
Women, especially those related to research and training needs for the
advancement of women, and coordinate effectively with United Nations
bodies and organizations to avoid duplication,

      Convinced that sustainable development cannot be achieved without
the full participation of women,

      Taking into account paragraph 334 of the Platform for Action
adopted by  the Fourth World Conference on Women at Beijing on 15
September 1995,  2/

      1.    Expresses its satisfaction with the report of the Board of
Trustees of the International Research and Training Institute for the
Advancement of Women, and commends the Institute for its efforts to
focus on problems that constitute barriers to improving the status of
women and their full participation in the sustainable development

      2.    Emphasizes the unique function of the Institute as the only
entity within the United Nations system devoted exclusively to
research and training for the integration of women in development, and
stresses the importance of making its research findings available for
policy purposes and for operational activities;

      3.    Commends the efforts of the Institute to address all levels
of poverty that hamper so dramatically the advancement of women,
through the coordination of research and training activities in the
areas of empowerment of women; statistics and indicators in gender
issues; communications; women, natural resources and sustainable
development; water, sanitation and waste management; renewable sources
of energy; and issues related to different population groups, such as
older and displaced women, refugee and migrant women and women in
rural areas;

      4.    Encourages the Institute to further develop active and close
cooperation with the specialized agencies and related organizations of
the United Nations system and with other institutions, such as
universities and research institutions, so as to promote programmes
that contribute to the advancement of women;

      5.    Reiterates the importance of maintaining the level of
resources devoted to independent research and related training
activities which are crucial for the situation of women;

      6.    Expresses its appreciation to those Governments and
organizations which have contributed to and supported the activities
of the Institute;

      7.    Invites Member States and intergovernmental and
non-governmental organizations to contribute, through voluntary
contributions and pledges, to the United Nations Trust Fund for the
International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of
Women, thus enabling the Institute to continue to respond effectively
to its mandate;

      8.    Requests the Secretary-General to submit to the General
Assembly at its fifty-second session a report on the activities of the
Institute, especially on those activities related to research and
training needs for the advancement of women as contained in the
follow-up process of the plans and platforms emanating from the major
United Nations conferences, under the item entitled "Advancement of

                                                          99th plenary meeting
                                                              22 December 1995


1/          E/1995/80.

2/          A/CONF.177/20, chap. I, resolution 1, annex II.

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